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Remembrance Book

Sweet Pea

April 6th I found you in a cold metal cage at the city pound, you were marked as a 5 yr old male, I found that you were truly a 14 yr old female. My heart was instantly attached, I couldn't see you dying in a cold metal box, so you came home with me. After a couple trips to the vets, we found you have heart and kidney problems, nothing that a few meds couldn't take care of. Each day your personality came out, and the beautiful little smile that you had, shown more and more each day. You would play with me and grandpa, such a beautiful spirit. August 23, you told me it was time, your beautiful heart was quitting on you, your spirit was slowly dying and the smile that I came to love when I came home, was now gone. The look in your eyes told me everything, I told you it was ok if it was time for you to go to the bridge then so be it. I held you and told you how much I loved you. It was at 10:45am, that you took your last breath. My heart broke, and I felt like I lost a best friend. Thank you, my beautiful baby, for giving me the love you did, thank you for being a part of my life for eternity and most of all, thank you for giving me a part of you. Paw prints will forever be in my heart. Love you my angel <3

Tanya Perales - Owner/Mom
Sweet Pea

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