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Remembrance Book


Baby "Dino" was an amazing friend. As I write this, I'm finding it difficult to describe my baby boy, as he was one of the best souls that has every lived. Dino was a true companion who always shared his love/food/toys...everything with anyone. He never got upset. Not even when the cat would steal his food. It was his character to be kind and loving. You see, I rescued him from a puppy mill in Sunrise that thankfully is no longer around. My mum was the first one to spot him as he was in the window sleeping in an ball while the other dogs jumped around him. When she pointed him out, I knew he had to come home. I asked him if he would allow me to be his mum and all he could do was lick my face. From that moment on, everyone that met him fell in love with him. He will/is truly missed and I pray that somehow someone is taking care of him wherever he is and I pray even more that someday, somehow baby Dino and I all of us will be reunited. I love you suppy! Thank you for letting me be your mommy.

Adriana B - Mother/Best Friend and everything in between

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