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Remembrance Book


Goodnight Baby

Baby, you were 8 weeks old when I first saw you and I knew there and then that you were the one that I wanted to join our family - a little sister for Ella. I had searched for weeks for you and I had finally found you. 2 weeks later you arrived home, my little bundle of fluff.

 During our 12 years together we became best friends, we knew each others feelings and I could read you like a book, Every meow, cry or movement, I knew your every thought and behaviour, best of friends.

 You were always loving and loyal. Never a night went by when you did not come and get on the bed and lay next to me during the night - you hated being away from me. We had a bond no one could break and even now it will remain as strong.

 RIP my baby girl. Love always xxx

Joanne Taylor - Owner

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