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In this section you can add a memorial to honor your beloved companion and your memorial will become part of the memorial honor roll. Some people find creating a memorial that is written in the form of a short letter to their beloved companion very helpful and offers a way to express their emotions. You can also upload a picture. Please allow some time to approve the entry.

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Goodnight Baby Baby, you were 8 weeks old when I first saw you and I knew there and then that you were the one that I wanted to join our family - a little sister for Ella. I had searched for weeks for you and I had finally found you. 2 weeks later you arrived home, my little bund...

Joanne Taylor - Owner

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Sweet Pea

April 6th I found you in a cold metal cage at the city pound, you were marked as a 5 yr old male, I found that you were truly a 14 yr old female. My heart was instantly attached, I couldn't see you dying in a cold metal box, so you came home with me. After a couple trips to the vets, we found you ha...

Tanya Perales - Owner/Mom

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Baby "Dino" was an amazing friend. As I write this, I'm finding it difficult to describe my baby boy, as he was one of the best souls that has every lived. Dino was a true companion who always shared his love/food/toys...everything with anyone. He never got upset. Not even when the cat would steal h...

Adriana B - Mother/Best Friend and everything in between

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Sir Eduardo Fuzzypants (Eddie)

"If Love could have saved you, you would have lived forever." David Ellison We miss you terribly, our little Eddiebug. We will always love you and we'll never forget you. No more pain, no more fear, only sadness without you here....

Paul & Dana Zawacki - Best Friends

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Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea, you were my special angel from the day I saw you. When I rescued you I knew you were my perfect girl. You loved me unconditionally, and I you. We had a wonderful 11 years together, you fought the good fight and I know you are at peace now. You will always hold a piece of my heart. Today y...

Georgeann Lattarulo - Her mom

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You will always be Mamas little girl. I'm glad we have 8 years of memories. You will never be forgotten. SIP always Angel...

Jennifer Cerrone - Mother

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Good night little man , I will miss you so much , you was such a special boy god night darling see you soon xxxxxxx...

Dave - Dad

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Our sweet Lily, you're such a special little girl. You touched our hearts and the hearts of everyone you ever met. We love you and miss you always and forever....

Rachel and Roger - Mommy and Daddy

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