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Worry Free Cremation

Accredited Procedures

The procedures we have from initial collection to return of your pets cremains is very strict, however it's important that everything is accounted for throughout therefore;

Each veterinary practice that we collect from has to follow a strict code of procedures ensuring that all of your wishes are carried out in full. These pre-collection procedures are not only essential but without them being completed by the practice we will not even collect. 

Prior to Cremation

1. Your loved one is transported to our facility by you or by us from the veterinary facility and/or residence. The date and times are logged and a copy of the documentation is given to either the clinic or family member.

2. Upon arrival all information is entered into our database and an individual identification tag is issued and noted on the documentation accompanying your pet. (If transported to us by the family, or euthanasia takes place at our facility, this is completed during step 1.)

3. The premises are under 24 hour CCTV surveillance and monitored by a fire and security alarm. (This includes all work, refrigeration and equipment areas as well.)

4. All special requests that are noted are then carried out. (Lock of hair, paw print etc..)

5. At this time the family may arrange to be present for a chapel service or the cremation process.

During and After Cremation

1. Your loved one is brought into the crematory where the individual documentation and chamber log are noted with the beginning time. Your pet is then placed into the corresponding chamber by themselves.

2. As the cremation process is initiated the documentation is placed on the equipment next to the chamber your pet is in.

3. Once cremation is complete, the documentation and chamber log are noted with the end time. The documentation and cremated remains are placed together and set aside for a cooling period.

4. Upon cooling completely, the cremated remains and documentation are transferred to the processing area. Once processed, the weight of the cremated remains is then noted on the documentation and the disk with the individual identification number is attached to the cremated remains.

5. The cremated remains are then transferred to the urn of your choice and the daily cremation log is noted with all pertinent information. Your loved one is then ready to be returned to your care.