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Why Choose Paws & Cherish?


Paws & Cherish is part of a family owned business having a known and trusted name in the pet funeral industry. In combination with our affiliates in the UK, we have over 35 years of continued experience.

The extension of these services to the U.S. brings dignified cremation services for your companions where we will treat them with the same level of dignity and respect you would expect for any member of your family. Whatever your need may be, our experience will help you through this difficult time.


Being an accredited pet crematory through the IAOPCC and by employing trusted funeral directors, you can be assured that when you trust us to care for your pet, they will be cared for as if they were our very own. When you choose individual cremation you can be rest assured that your pet will be the only pet cremated at that time and the cremains you receive back are truly those of your faithful companion. We can assure you of this because we use the same identification and tracking system for pets that are used for human cremations.


Our experience over the years has helped us understand how important closure is to a family. We believe that an important part of this is the prompt return of your pets cremains.

We promise to do our very best to have your pets cremains returned to you within 24 hours from a home collection or within 72 hours from a collection at your veterinary hospital