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April 09, 2020

I cant say enough positive about this business Paws & Cherish in the midst of our deepest shattered hearts. I am so deeply thankful for all the compassion they showed for our precious boy Turbo and our family. They treated our beloved boy Turbo with such respect and dignity. They truly helped us to start to heal from our devastating deep loss of our sweet, loving, gentle, good boy who lived a loved, happy fun loving 15 year and 10 month. Now our last picture and memory of our loving good boy is such a peaceful one . Thank you Juan Palencia and your staff for all the respect and true compassion that was shown and given to our boy Turbo, myself and my son's in what was the hardest goodbye we have ever had to face. I am so grateful and thankful for you and your company. Thank you!

Deb Chansky


March 14, 2020

They are the most wonderful, kind people. They cared for all 3 of my girls with such grace after my house fire. Thank you.

Kelly Matthews


March 14, 2020

We lost our lovely Mia a week ago, when I contacted Paws & Cherish Juan attended the phone, he was very compassionate at that difficult time for us providing all the information requested and making the arrangements to pick up my girl from the vet office. The presentation of our baby's remains to us the day of the cremation was just lovely, the guy in charge of the process (view and cremation) was very caring treating mi girl remains with so much respect and giving us as much time as we needed to say goodbye to her. We watched the entire process of cremation and our little one was turned to us in a beautiful wooden box with a plaque a rose, and a beautiful pin. Thank you Paws & Cherish, your care and compassion at that difficult time meant so much for us!!

Cecilia Favaratto