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Memorial Room

Attending your Pet's Cremation

You can attend your pet’s cremation in the comfort of our Memorial room where you will be supported by our Caring support staff which offers you the opportunity to take time for reflection, contemplation or you can simply pay your respects.

If you wish you can hold personal ceremonies for your pet, which can include tributes and readings, as well as sharing your memories, before your companion is cremated.

If you choose to attend the cremation, you can take your pet’s ashes away the same day.

Remembering your Pet

A memorial is a common way of remembering a treasured companion. We offer a wide range of products, such as urns which are suitable for the ashes of your cat, dog or horse, plaques for the garden, or special picture frames which discreetly hold the ashes of your pet.

Pet memorials for the garden are a common method of marking a resting place or favourite spot. Garden memorials in the USA often take the form of plaques in metal, granite or slate, engraved cobbles or headstones which are all suitable for your home.

Indoor memorials are often an alternative for storing ashes in a modern and subtle way – a photograph frame or pet-shaped urn provides an alternative to traditional pet urns and caskets.