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Euthanasia Services

Euthanasia and Facility Based Services

We can provide a veterinarian for in home or in office euthanasia. This additional service can be provided in the comfort of your home or in the Farewell Room at our office.

If your pet is very ill, part of your conversation with your trusted veterinarian about a care plan should include end-of-life issues. This can incorporate palliative care to help your pet be more comfortable and a plan for humane euthanasia when the time comes.

In addition to talking with your pet’s veterinarian, you can call us at 954-971-9966 to discuss the various options available to you and your pet when using the services of Paws & Cherish, so that you will not be faced with these tough decisions during an emotional time of grief.

Paws & Cherish has partnered with a number of local mobile vets to offer pet sedation and euthanasia either at your home or in our Memorial Room.

Our veterinarians have all been practicing veterinary medicine in the Broward and Palm Beach Counties for the past 10 years, bringing both caring and compassionate veterinary services when you need it most.