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Cremation Packages

Service Animals/ K-9 officers

We at Paws & Cherish feel that those animals whom have devoted their lives to the service of us deserved to be honored. Therefore, all Government Dogs which includes: Police Dogs, Military Dogs, Retired Police Dogs, etc. will obtain a simple private cremation at no charge. 

All other service dogs which includes: Mobility issues, visual impairment (blindness), hearing impairment (deafness), seizures, diabetes, PTSD, autism, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis (MS), and other physical/mental disabilities will obtain half off a simple private cremation with proof of a Certificate, Registration, or Id card.

*Any Transportation, additional services, or merchandise costs remain the same if selected.

Simple Private Cremation Package  

This package includes the Private cremation of your loved one, certificate cremation, basic urn, pet loss pin and artificial floral piece.

Care Package

This package includes all of the items in our Simple Private Cremation Package, along with the choice of one of the following urns: wooden carved urn, wooden smooth urn, scatter tube or bamboo pouch.

Memorial Package 

The same as the Care Package along with an engraved nameplate, or, if another urn is selected at an additional cost, engraving upon that urn will be included.

For more information regarding prices, please contact our office at 954-971-9966.