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After Life Options  

Private Cremation 

As an accredited pet crematorium, we cremate privately - this means that we only cremate one pet in one chamber at a time ensuring the cremains you receive are truly those of your companion and none other. Our procedures can be found here.

You will receive your pets cremains back to in a presentation box containing your preferred urn, each of which can be seen in our online shop along with a certificate of cremation 

Communal / Group Cremation

In this instance your pet is cremated along with the bodies of other pets. As there is no separation of pets in this process, you will not receive any cremains back from a communal cremation. The cremains are scattered in our "Garden of Reflection" in Boca Ratan, Florida. We are happy to provide a certificate of cremation on request.

Scattering or keeping your pet’s cremains

This is very much an individual choice. Some people like to keep their pet’s cremains at home where they can be kept close to them and it helps them to remember them and give them comfort. You may also wish to consider scattering or burying your pet’s cremains in a favorite place. If this is not on your own property you will need to seek the landowner’s permission.

Burial at a pet cemetery

If cremation isn't for you we can offer you a burial option in Boca Raton, Florida. 

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