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The Final Arrangements For Your Pet

As you prepare to say good-bye to your precious pet, it’s important to know the variety of options and information given to you. As we continue to gather information given by our customers, we encourage you to educate yourself on the end-of-life options. The final decision of what you want to do is YOURS.

If you are visiting our page prior to the loss of your loved one, feel free to reach out and request more information to eliminate any anxiety and give you peace of mind for when that day comes.

Cremation is the process of reducing matter into chemical compounds by the use of high temperature burning, vaporization and oxidation. Today, many pet owners choose cremation as an alternative to a burial for their adored pets. Paws & Cherish understands the significant place a pet holds in the lives of pet parents and we take pride in ensuring we treat your beloved pet with care and respect throughout the process of cremation.