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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

We have tried to think of the most popular questions asked by our customers. If you have a question that does not feature here, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to help.

We extend a heartfelt welcome to anyone who wishes to make a personal visit to the Crematorium. On arrival at the crematorium we will explain the service to you and be on hand throughout to provide support and comfort. If you would like to attend your pet’s cremation please contact us or call us at 954-971-9966 to notify us of your wishes.

Yes. Simply call us at 954-971-9966 to make a prior appointment and we shall give you a heartfelt welcome.

Yes. Please contact us at 954-971-9966 to inform us of your wishes. We can then arrange a suitable time when your pet’s cremains will be ready for collection.

However, if you have arranged the cremation through your veterinary practice, we would understandably need to to clear the collection with them first.

As an accredited pet crematrorium, our private cremation service means that only one pet is cremated in a private chamber at a time, following which all the cremains of that pet are collected and returned to you in a urn of your choosing. A signed certificate confirms the details of your pet’s cremation. To view our accredited procedures click here.

You are most welcome to schedule a visit to the Crematorium, and many pet owners also choose to say goodbye to their pet by attending the cremation where you can witness all of our procedures in person providing complete reassurance whilst using our Memorial room.

Yes. Please contact us at 954-971-9966 and we will arrange a time where we are able to explain all that is involved in providing your pet with the care and dignity a loving companion deserves.

You may also wish to consider the following pages - Attending the Cremation, Euthanasia,  Pre Need or Farewell Planner

The loss of a much-loved pet can be very distressing making it difficult to make clear decisions. Some people find it helpful to talk to friends and family about their wishes.

Others find it useful to make the arrangements in advance with our Pet Funeral Plan which enables you spread the cost of the funeral, before the times comes, providing total peace of mind.

Each person can choose the most appropriate option according to individual preferences. We provide a wide selection of  urns to meet most people’s preferences. You can view all of these in our online shop.

Many people chose to keep their pet’s cremains, perhaps in their pet’s favorite room, or decide to scatter them, for example by a favorite tree.

Some people may leave instructions that their pet’s cremains are placed with them when they pass away and are interred or cremated. Take a look at our Pre Need page or Farewell Planner

If your pet passes away in the evening or weekend please contact us at 954-971-9966, and we will arrange to collect your pet from your home. Our phone lines are manned 24/7 365 days a year. See our contact page.

We operate just like a funeral home in the sense that we will drive directly to the home, pick up your pet, and take it directly to our facility and await further directions from you as to the final arrangements that need to be made.

Paws & Cherish has partnered with a number of local mobile vets to offer pet sedation and euthanasia either at your home or in our Memorial Room.

Our veterinarians have all been practicing veterinary medicine in the Broward and Palm Beach Counties for the past 10 years, bringing both caring and compassionate veterinary services when you need it most.

We can provide a veterinarian for in home or in office euthanasia. This additional service can be provided in the comfort of your home or in the Memorial Room at our office.

You can call us at 954-971-9966 to discuss the various options available to you or read more here.



We have arrangements with many veterinary practices. You can also request our services from practices we do not already have contact with. Ask your vet to contact Paws & Cherish at 954-971-9966 on your behalf to carry out your wishes.

Yes - We offer comprehensive arrangements for our Veterinary Clients who offer our dignified accredited cremation services to the public, via the operation of our regular collections.

We offer weekly collection, and more where needed, of pets for private and group cremation; also the collection of biomedical waste and delivery of all essential veterinary supplies

You can contact us via this link for a quote and information or call the office at 954-971-9966 during office hours so that we may discuss how to best assist you.