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Individual Pet Cremation in Southeast FloridaUrns

Pets touch our lives deeply. Unconditionally loyal; they bring us happiness, companionship, love, friendship, and joy. It is only appropriate to say farewell to the one that has meant so much to you in your family and life.

The most painful time a pet owner ever has to face is the loss of their dearly loved friend. Your loss creates understandable grief for everyone. Your pet is a member of the family. Don’t leave them behind.

Compassionate Prestige Transportation After Your Pet Loss
We offer a 24 hour service. We know that loss can happen at the most inconvenient times so with our service you can call us at anytime and we will be there to help you out.

Whether it is early morning (before normal business hours), in the middle of the night, or on the weekend Paws and Cherish will have someone at the phones on 954 971-9966 ready to answer your call.

We operate just like a funeral home in the sense that we will drive directly to the home, pick up your pet, and take it directly to our facility and await further directions from you as to the final arrangements that need to be made.

Farewell Room 
When the time comes our farewell room is available for you to say your final goodbyes in peaceful surroundings before the cremation of your companion. Here you can read through the many entries in our Books of Remembrance and if you wish add some words and photographs of your own

Final Arrangements
Paws and Chersih has partnered with Dr. Stacy Furgang to offer pet sedation and euthanasia either at your home or in our farewell room. Click here for further details.

Our turn around time for you to receive your beloved pets remains back is normally 24 - 72 hours. If your pet should pass at home you can call us directly at 954 971-9966 and we will provide you with prompt service designed around your families needs.

Wide Range of Urns Available Online
You can now pre select or purchase any of our Urns online selecting from the menu on the left or at the crematorium in person.

Payment Options
At Paws and Cherish we accept most credit, debit cards, check or cash for your convienence.